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- The opposite of a good idea can also be a good idea.
- Don't design for average or a typical persona.
- It doesn't pay to be logical if everyone else is being logical.
  (Exploit what is wrong with their model.)
- The nature of our attention affects the nature of our experience.
  (Experience is as much based on expectation as objective fact.)
- The problem with logic is it kills off magic.
- A good guess which stands up to empirical observation is still science.
- Test counter-intuitive things because no-one else will.
- Dare to be trivial.

Regret minimization
Provide upsides to downsides
Be comfortable with progress that happens from random accidents

A logical answer doesn't mean a good answer,
it can just mean an answer that's easy to defend.

Logic in business can sometimes act as an alibi
for a decision.

Flowers are just weeds with a marketing budget.

Marketing can be like a RGB display where yellow doesn't
really exist but it's all in the perception.

You can destroy a good product with bad marketing.
The Ed Sheerhan "peep show" example.

Borrowing social capital is easier than creating it.

AIDA model:
Awareness (A), interest (I), desire (D), then action (A)