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Evangelist for Rails Rumble

Speaking engagements:

  All Your Base Conf
  Oxford, England
  Gave "Redis, Steady, Go!" talk about Redis.

  Edinburgh, Scotland
  I gave the opening keynote about the history of the Web.

  Stupid Stunts for Rampant Rubyists
  Surrey Rubyists

  Introduction to Ruby
  Geekup Nottingham
  Nottingham, UK

  Self Promotion for Over-Thinkers
  Think Visibility
  Leeds, UK

  Obscurity Bytes! Self Promotion for Geeks
  Geekup Doncaster
  Doncaster, UK

  Ignoring Common Sense: The Aircraft Carrier Made of Ice and Other Technical Flights of Fancy
  Geekup Nottingham
  Nottingham, UK

  Redis 101: A whirlwind tour of the next big thing in NoSQL storage
  Hull Digital
  Hull, UK

  Passion, Properly Pursued, and Why Journeys are Important
  Think Visibility
  Leeds, UK

  Introduction to Ruby
  Ruby Fools 2008
  Copenhagen, Denmark

  Chaired evening panel of Euruko 2008
  Prague, Czechia

  Building a multi user dungeon in Ruby
  Barcamp Manchester
  Manchester, UK

Authorship and Reviewership:

  Beginning Ruby, published by Apress
  1st edition - 2007
  2nd edition - 2009
  3rd edition - 2011
  4th edition - under development for 2021

  Ruby 2.0 Walkthrough

  Ruby 1.9 Walkthrough

  Referee of "Controlling a Robotic Marine Environmental Sampler
  with the Ruby Scripting Language"

  "Indexing and Searching" chapter of Ruby in Practice (2009)
  Published by Manning

  Reviewer for "Technical Blogging" by Antonio Cangiano

  Technical reviewer for Pragmatic Guide to Sass by Hampton
  Catlin and Michael Lintorn.

  Essential Ruby, published by DZone

  Technical reviewer of The Revolutionary Guide to QBasic
  (1996) by Victor Munerman, Evgeny Yemelchenkov, and
  Tatyana Samoylova.


  Co-host of The JavaScript Show

  Co-host of The Ruby Show

  Ruby Rogues panelist
  Episodes 1-10

  JavaScript Jabber panelist
  Episode 1


  Ruby Reloaded
  July 2011, August 2011, November 2011, December 2011, July 2012
  ~120 students approx

  CodeLesson Ruby course
  January 2011, February 2011, May 2011, October 2011, November 2011, January 2012
  104 students in total


  Code Snippets
  A tagged code snippets site I created in 2005 and sold to DZone in 2007.

  Feed Digest
  A Web feed/RSS manipulation and syndication service I launched in 2005
  and sold to Vicman Technologies in 2007. Users included NASA, Denver Post,
  MIT, The Smithsonian Institution, and the US Department of Agriculture.
  Traffic was 250m requests per month.


Moderator of /r/ruby since 2012