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September 22, 2020

Attempted to find a way to host this diary today, but
ultimately felt that plain text files was the way to
begin. Setting up a clean blog without a pile of crap
on it or an absolutely terrible design isn't easy
  Went into the office as we're now doing each Tuesday
(only) but forgot my keys as I'm not used to carrying
them anymore. Got let in, socialized with staff, and
ended up going home again quite quickly via B&Q and
then the local second hand book store and the music
  At the book store, I met the proprietor who was a
well dressed, well spoken man clearly with eclectic
tastes. We spoke about books generally and I invited
him to find me a book that was considered edgy in its
time but would now merely seem comedic. I came away
with "Scoop!" by Evelyn Waugh which I shall begin soon.
  I also purchased a book where someone visits the
various areas announced in Radio 4's Shipping
Forecast. The bookshop owner seemed quite excited by
this book and confessed that he has recordings of the
Shipping Forecast on cassette tape at home.
  At the music shop I didn't buy music but DVDs and
Blurays. Blurays for the kids and a few trashy DVDs
for myself to watch when I want to get away from it
all and sit on the landing with the only TV that
actually has a DVD player. I picked up CKY2K,
Reservoir Dogs, a documentary about the Gumball Rally
and a few other things.
  Toilet rolls appear to be subject to hoarding again
as the idea of a second lockdown roll in.
  I've finally found a use for the £2800 Surface Book
we bought - it makes a good stand for my MacBook Pro
when it's overheating as it wicks away the heat.
I've realized this isn't a great idea long term so
I've purchased a block of aluminium off of eBay for £35.
  Last year I purchased my father a National Geographic
membership and they've sent me my FINAL and VERY URGENT
reminder to renew this in the form of a set of documents
upon which they expect me to write my credit card
details and return it to them in the post. They must
be having a laugh. I'd renew online but I'm not sending
my financial details in the post.
  Dinner was a vegan burger and some potato waffles.