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September 21, 2020

Yesterday we watched the Tom Hanks movie 'Big'. It was unable
to fully hold the kids' attention as it's not animated, noisy
or a musical.
  Laura went on another epic bike ride with her cycling club
today, so I spent much of the day in my easy chair reading
the remainder of The Diary of a Bookseller which has inspired
the creation of this diary of my very own.
  Microsoft bought the Bethesda game studio today. It made me
think just how little I generally care about game studios as
an end user. I'd much rather games were associated with
creative individuals who vouched for them, as with directors
and movies. There are people who are associated with games
like John Carmack and Sid Meier, but this seems to be the
exception rather than the rule.
  It has struck me that people most likely to go on about
"their OCD" are those least likely to have actually had any
experiences with the condition. Putting books into order or
being unable to tolerate a cup balanced on the edge of a
table is not OCD - it's fussiness.  
  I spoke with Corey Quinn of AWS and Twitter fame for a
podcast interview this evening. He was his usual amicable
self and we talked about things like how character and
persistence are important in the modern world of online media.
  Pasta bolognese for tea.
  And, do you remember? It's the 21st night of September.